SCC, Components, MUN

SCC, Components, MUN

Send samples direct and test for Somatic Cell Count (SCC), Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat and Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN).

Sample Type

  • Milk (preserved)

Sample Handling

  • Keep out of direct sunlight or heat
  • Invert one hour after taking sample to mix preservative
  • Ship within 24-48 hours of collection


  • SCC & Components within 24 hours of sample processing, MUN 3 days.
  • Emailed in CSV or Excel format, and mailed


  • SCC/Components $1/sample
  • MUN $1/sample
  • MUN/SCC/Components $2/sample
  • Submission Fee $5/order
  • Testing billed upon sample receipt

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