Issue 5, March 2019 

  • Don’t be singularly focused when determining profitability
  • Even in the toughest dairy economy…
  • NorthStar Lab expansion will benefit industry
  • CowManager improves herd health and fertility
  • The future of diagnostics and dairy herd management through R&D
  • Scholarship recipients and election results announced



Issue 5, November 2018

  • Aggressively manage SCC to maximize profit per stall
  • The silent majority (Which cows are they and what are they saying?)
  • Find my Cow easily locates cows for any reason
  • Genetic strategies to maximize profit
  • What’s for dinner? (Not something you want your cows to ask.)
  • Pre-pay program offers 4% incentive


Issue 4, September 2018

  • 6 factors to maximize profit per stall
  • Awesome preg checks at Pleasant View Dairy
  • Genetic Strategies to maximize profit
  • Scholarship deadline near
  • Call for candidates



Issue 3, May 2018

  • Optimize profit per stall
  • When it comes to genetics – choose wisely
  • Superior sex-sorted semen designated Elite Sexed Fertility
  • Scholarship winners
  • Election results
  • Pay online now available


Issue 2, March 2018

  • Heifer Inventories… An opportunity for financial breathing room
  • We all need a little help
  • You can make A2 milk, but should you?
  • CowManager:  a trustworthy employee









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