Official USDA 840 ULTRA EID All-in-One Tag

Official USDA 840 ULTRA EID All-in-One Tag


Brand:  Allflex

Product Type: USDA/Official ID

Product Size: Maxi female – 4″ high 3″ wide; 1.28″ round button and small male


  • Combines a tamperproof maxi panel tag with HDX EID component in one tag
  • Specify management number 
  • Apply with Universal Allflex Tagger (remove the clip) or Allflex EID Retract-O-Matic
  • Tag weight 18.4 grams
  • Text can also be added at no additional charge (limited number of spaces)
  • Premise ID # required to order
  • Order 500 tags and get FREE shipping!

Color * 

Number Range Desired

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Custom Text (Farm Name)

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Premise ID

Required for order.

Will any of these tags be used to register a calf with the Holstein Association? * 

This information is now required by the Holstein Association for registration.

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