Cows in Headlocks
Detect presence of the contagious protozoan disease widely implicated in abortion outbreaks.
  • Abortions associated with Neospora occur mid-gestation. Dogs are definitive hosts, capable of shedding oocysts in feces after eating infected tissue. Oocysts are able to survive in soil and water beyond the decomposition of the feces. Cattle become infected by ingesting oocysts. 
  • Infection can also pass vertically from dam to fetus in cattle

Sample Type(s)

  • Milk (fresh, frozen or preserved)
  • Blood (fresh)


  • Test individuals or groups of aborting and non-aborting cows to associate Neospora with abortions



  • Individual ELISA (milk, blood) $6/sample
  • Multiple test discount! $10 for two ELISAs on same sample; $13.50 for 3 ELISAs
  • Testing billed upon sample receipt

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