Mastitis PCR

Mastitis PCR

Mastitis Chart
Contagious 3 PCR detects contagious organisms M. bovis, Strep ag., and Staph aureus. Complete 16 PCR detects contagious and environmental organisms that cause over 95% of mastitis cases.
  • PCR detection effective on DHI or hand-stripped milk samples from treated, fresh or late lactation cows
  • Pool up to five samples for cost-effective screening. Split positive pools to test individual samples
  • Convenient testing strategies:
    • High SCC samples focus on cows most likely to be positive
    • Fresh cows to optimize detection and minimize herd impact
    • Hospital pen to monitor infection status and verify clearance before reintroduction
    • Bulk tank or groups to provide ongoing surveillance

Sample Type(s)

  • Milk (fresh, frozen or preserved)


  • Available within 48 hours of sample processing
  • Only organisms detected are indicated. If no organisms are detected, result is reported as Undetected with a Negative final result.
  • Results are reported as Negative or Positive. Positive results are given a categorical assessment of + (low), ++ (intermediate), or +++ (high) based on CT values. 


  • Contagious 3: $27/test
  • Complete 16: $35/test
  • Pooling: add $1.00/sample
  • Testing billed upon sample receipt

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