Bovine Leukosis (BLV)

Bovine Leukosis (BLV)

Leukosis page imageDetect or confirm presence of the viral disease transmitted by infected body fluids.
  • Blood-borne viral infection with no effective vaccine
  • Negatively impacts production, longevity and cull value
  • Utilize ELISA analyses and strategic pooling to reduce testing costs

Sample Type(s)

  • Milk, individual or bulk tank (fresh, frozen or preserved)
  • Blood (fresh)


  • Test blood samples on animals over 4 months
  • Determine herd prevalence by testing 10 cows each from four lactations



  • Individual ELISA (milk, blood) $6/sample
    • Multiple test discount! $10 for two ELISAs on same sample; $13.50 for 3 ELISAs
  • Group ELISA (pooled or bulk milk) $18/test
    • Sample pooling add $1.00/sample
  • Testing billed upon sample receipt

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