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Enhancing producer profitability through integrated services

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Originally established in 1944 as an A.I. Cooperative to serve the needs of Michigan dairymen, NorthStar has grown into a leader in delivering integrated products and services that include:

Integrated describes NorthStar’s approach with product and service offerings; unique our method towards the future. To deliver on our mission of integrated services, NorthStar developed our own research team, Antel BioSystems (AntelBio), which is dedicated to developing innovative diagnostic solutions for the animal industry.

Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, NorthStar delivers on-farm service to over 6,000 dairy and beef producers in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Diagnostic testing services are available to producers and veterinarians across the U.S. through our Wisconsin and Michigan laboratories.

NorthStar Cooperative has one of the most comprehensive field service teams in the Midwest. We invest in lifelong learning opportunities, empowering our 250+ employees to be a resource for the most relevant information to help producers meet their goals. Our people are passionate about NorthStar, the Ag industry, and, most importantly, producer success. #peoplepassionpersonalgrowth

Owned by our member-owners, customers have the opportunity to purchase voting (common) stock which gives them the right to participate in elections and vote on issues affecting the operations of the Cooperative. NorthStar is governed by a 13-person board, which includes 12 member-owners representing different regions of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Our Vision:

To provide premier services and products to agriculture producers to enhance their business and well-being. We accomplish this vision by:

  • Expanding current and new services through support of technology, research and development;
  • Collaborating and investing in strategic alliances with other business entities, and
  • Promoting a work environment that enhances knowledge, creativity, innovation, and personal growth.

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From Our Customers

“In our opinion it’s (NorthStar) the best company out there. All the services offered are great, and the excellent people working at NorthStar make our decisions easier.”

~ Hoffman Happy Holsteins, Peshtigo, WI