Member-Stockowner Resources



2016 Board of Directors. Lee Jensen, Jason Benthem, Mark Ziel, Brad Crandall, Paul Trierweiler, Andy Wolf, Jeff Horning, Dick Piechowski, Lyle Ott, Dan Mielke, Ken Carnahan, Don Hoffelt.

Structured as a stock-based Cooperative, NorthStar customers have a choice to be a member-owner. Regardless of membership, everyone has access to the same great products and services.

Choosing to be a member-owner (Common Stockowner) has both responsibility and reward. Responsibilities include capital investment, meeting purchase requirements and voting on governance issues that help guide the cooperative. The reward of membership is the opportunity to share in the profitability of the organization through patronage.

NorthStar Cooperative also offers Class A Preferred Stock, an investment stock with the opportunity for a cash dividend. This stock is available to dairy and beef producers who reside in the Cooperative’s service area. There is no purchase requirement to maintain and no responsibility to vote on cooperative issues with Class A Preferred Stock. A stockowner can reinvest the dividends to purchase more preferred shares.