PointJpgIssue 3, September 2017

  • Stronger Together for You
  • CowManager Paid for Itself the First Year
  • Importance of Monitoring Somatic Cell
  • Make Way for a New Era in Mastitis Detection
  • Robbed by Mycotoxins
  • Toxin Levels on the Rise
  • Stockowner News


ThePointIssue 2, May 2017

  • Select Sires is Best-in-Class AGAIN
  • NorthStar Wisconsin Lab Complex Open for Business
  • Can Mastitis PCR be used as a Surveillance Tool?
  • The Hunt for the Right Monitoring System Ends with CowManager
  • Election Results
  • Scholarship Winners


point-jan-coverIssue 1, January 2017

  • Closing the Books on a Year of Growth, Opportunities & Challenges
  • 8 Ways to Maximize Components
  • Another Dominate Proof Day for Select Sires
  • Progressive Dairy Producer of the Year
  • Teat Health Starts with EfferCept SG
  • Member Stockowner News


nov-point-2016Issue 5, November 2016

  • Positioning for Growth in the New Year
  • Mastitis Organism Identified – Now What?
  • Is it Time to Consider an Alternative?
  • Research and Development: NorthStar Ups the Antelbio
  • Pre-Pay and Earn 3%
  • Stockowner News: Member Meetings & Voting Eligibility


Point CoverIssue 4, September 2016

  • NorthStar Invests in Wisconsin Ag Education Center
  • Sexed Semen is a Good Investment in any Market
  • Mastitis PCR:  One Test, Three Farms, Numerous Benefits
  • CowManager:  Your Second Set of Eyes
  • EfferCept SG:  Tough on Bacteria, Easy on Wallet
  • Scholarship Deadline Near
  • Call for Candidates

Issue 3, May 2016

  • Manager’s Report
  • Improve Herd Health by Choice, not Chance
  • Plan Ahead for Summer Heat Stress
  • Dairy’s Trust in Mastitis PCR Paying Dividends
  • Mycotoxin Testing on Your Farm
  • Pennies Make Dimes and Dimes Make Dollars
  • Election Results


The Point March 2016Issue 2, March 2016

  • Record Breaking Year Benefits Members
  • Research and Development Inspires New Products and Services
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Meeting Notice
  • Best Metrics for Addressing Reproductive Efficiency
  • Scholarship Winners


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