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Wisconsin Dairy Producers Recognized for Top Production Records

Four dairy producers from Wisconsin were recognized by NorthStar Cooperative Dairy Herd Information (DHI) Services for their outstanding production records for the 2009 testing year. Awards are given to dairy producers based on a herd’s annual rolling herd average, as completed with NorthStar Cooperative’s DHI Services, and are distributed based on geographical location. Honors include the Progressive Dairy Producer of the Year, High Milk Production Herd, High Dollar Value Herd, High Dollar Value Protein Breed Herd, Lowest Somatic Cell Count Herd Average and High Lifetime Cow for Milk Production. Dairy producers were honored at several events this past winter.

Rosey-Lane Holsteins, LLC of Watertown earned the High Dollar Value Holstein Herd award. The 839-cow herd recorded a rolling herd average of 31,278 pounds of milk, 1,233 pounds of fat, 974 pounds of protein with a dollar value of $4,098.

The High Dollar Value Protein Breed Herd award was earned by Ron and Nicolle Wussow of Cecil. Wussow’s herd of 73 Jersey cows earned the award with a rolling herd average of 21,847 pounds of milk, 1,096 pounds of fat, 742 pounds of protein, and a $3,317 dollar value.

Doug Redetzke of Stratford received the award for Lowest Somatic Cell Count Herd Average. The Redetzke herd of 32 cows earned the award with a SCC of 51,000, while maintain a rolling herd average of 23,725 pounds of milk, 902 pounds of fat, 707 pounds of protein and a $2,989 dollar value.

A 7H2236 Emprise Bell ELTON daughter owned by United Pride Dairy, LLC of Phillips earned the High Lifetime Cow for Milk Production award. In nine lactations, cow #277 produced 396,474 pounds of milk.

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