March 1, 2007
For Immediate Release

NorthStar Cooperative Recognizes Top Production Winners

Lansing, Michigan –Eleven dairy producers from Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin are being recognized by NorthStar Cooperative DHI Services for their outstanding production records for the 2006 testing year. Awards are given to dairy producers based on a herd’s annual rolling herd average, as completed with NorthStar Cooperative’s DHI Services, and are distributed based on geographical location. Honors include the Progressive Dairy Producer of the Year, High Milk Production Herd, High Dollar Value Herd, High Dollar Value Protein Breed Herd, Lifetime Cow Award and Lowest Somatic Cell Count Herd Average. Dairy Producers were honored at several events including the NorthStar Cooperative Annual Meeting, March 22, 2007, Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin; The Great Lakes Dairy Conference, February 9, 2007, Bavarian Inn Lodge & Conference Center, Frankenmuth, Michigan and at NorthStar Cooperative District Stockowner and DHI Local Meetings.

Ed Hanenburg, owner of River Ridge Dairy in Coopersville, Michigan has been named NorthStar Cooperative DHI Services 2006 Progressive Dairy Producer of the Year. The award is given to the producer who’s herd shows the greatest increase in dollar value over the last five years. River Ridge earned the award with an increase of 9,416 pounds of milk, 394 pounds of fat, 286 pounds of protein and $1,204 dollar value. Currently, the herd boasts a rolling average of 28,678 Milk, 1,095 Fat, 852 Protein, and $3,480 dollar value.

Tim and Sandy VerHage, Allegan, Michigan, are the recipients of the High Dollar Value Holstein Herd Average award. The Ver Hage’s milking herd of 73 registered Holstein cows earned the award with a rolling herd average of 31,189 pounds of milk, 1,490 pounds of fat, 938 pounds of protein, and $4,225 dollar value.

More details on these award winners and other top producers are available in the 2006 NorthStar Cooperative DHI Services Annual Performance Summary. Available in early January, the summary can be obtained by calling NorthStar Cooperative at 1.800.631.3510.

Additional Awards

High Dollar Value herd
Brantmeier Hilrose Dairy, Sherwood, Wisconsin
Holstein, 103 Cows
31,072 Milk, 1,199 Fat, 956 Protein, $3,876 Dollar Value

Highest Dollar Value Protein Breed Herd
Ron & Nicole Wussow, Cecil, Wisconsin
Jersey, 29 Cows
22,393 Milk, 1097 Fat, 749 Protein, $3, 231 Dollar Value

High Milk Production Herd Average
Ron & Nicole Wussow, Cecil, Wisconsin
Holstein, 81 Cows
32,855 Milk, 1,163 Fat, 927 Protein, $3,231 Dollar Value

Lowest Somatic Cell Count Herd Average
Maria Pagenkopf, Loyal, Wisconsin
Holstein, 18 Cows
61,000 Actual Somatic Cell Count

High Lifetime Cow
Sugar Creek LLC, New London, Wisconsin
Cow 68
404,192 pounds of milk in 8 lactations 

Michigan, Indiana, Ohio
High Dollar Value Protein Herd
Nor-Bert Farms, Bremen, Indiana
Brown Swiss, 20 cows
23,277 Milk, 1,089 Fat, 779 Protein, $3,288 Dollar Value

Highest Milk Production Herd Average
Dan & Paul Elzinga, Zeeland, Michigan
Holstein, 236 cows
33,915 Milk, 1,138 Fat, 1,000 Protein, $3,881 Dollar Value

Lowest Somatic Cell Count Herd Average
Tom Carson, Hesperia, Michigan
Holstein, 88 cows
24,935 Milk, 931 Fat, 723 Protein, $2,960 Dollar Value
61,000 Actual Somatic Cell Count

High Lifetime Cow
Klaas Vanderploeg, Ithaca, Michigan
Cow 398
460,788 pounds of milk in 11 lactations

NorthStar Cooperative, Inc. is a stock based cooperative, owned by dairy and beef producers in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Originally formed in 1944 as an artificial insemination cooperative, NorthStar Cooperative, Inc. is now comprised of sales and service for Select Sires, Ag Products and Technologies, DHI Services and AntelBio Systems, an animal disease testing center. Based in Lansing, Michigan, NorthStar provides sales and service to producers, veterinarians and industry members across the United States. A complete summary of the 2006 year-end production results can be obtained by calling 1.800.631.3510. For more information, visit



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