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    The dam of 7JE5003 MY-O-MY, Pine Haven SSM Marmie (E-95%), returned to the ...

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    The 2015 NorthStar Cooperative Dairy Calender showcases over 20 Select Sires offspring from members. Get a copy of the calendar from your area NorthStar Specialist.

    Special thanks to the following producers for their confidence in Select Sires genetics: Larry Murry; Autumn Vista Dairy, Preston Farms, Evan Brey, Hidden-Hills Dairy, Siemers Holstein Farm, Scientific Holsteins, Benthem Brothers Dairy, Meekhof Dairy, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Sand Creek Dairy, Blessings Farms, End Road Farm, Danae, Ethan & Katie Bauer, Aaron Jorgensen, Yonkman Dairy Farm and Westvale-View Dairy.
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    THANK YOU to our Member-Owners who serve
    Co-op Month is a perfect time to say thank you for the commitment and leadership NorthStar's member-owners provide through their service on the Board of Directors and Advisory and Resolutions Committee.

    Our Board of Directors includes 12 producers from across the Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin and one industry representative including: Andy Wolf, Lyle Ott, Lee Jensen, Jeff Horning, Brad Crandall, Jason Benthem, Dick Piechowski, Mike Heckaman, Paul Trierweiler, Don Hoffelt, Dan Mielke, Mark Ziel, and Dana Sue Kirk.

    If you are interested in learning more about how to be involved in member-owner leadership visit www.northstarcooperative.com/elected-positions/
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    Milk Pregnancy Test now approved for use at 28 days postbreeding!

    When research data from 28 to 35 days carried calf (DCC) was added to the initial dataset, sensitivity and specificity remained unchanged from the original claim, resulting in approval of the Milk Pregnancy Test to be used as early as 28 days postbreeding.
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